Heading for the Spin Cycle by Steve_Deck
Nick and Nugget on the beach by vanessasiggardkay
Wedge morning   by timguzmanphotography
Dreaming of Makeable lefts by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Newport Beach Blues Sunset by PamelaNewcomb
newport-beach-6-20-17_1 by FrankTheTank90
Contemplating  by VinceVphotography
Swept Away in Memories by VinceVphotography
Rainy Day Sunset at Newport Pier by vanessasiggardkay
Kambria Newport Pier by Helveydc
Swallowing...  by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Weekend Wave Warriors  by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Under the Pier by JoseMatutina
Keep the ocean clean my viewbug friends ..  by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Moody Evenings  by VinceVphotography
The good life, only if i could afford it ..  by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Salty Mondays by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Random Hero by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Gloomy Moods by VinceVphotography
Crystal Cove Beach by JoseMatutina
Don’t stand too close by VinceVphotography
Newport Pier rainy day clouds by vanessasiggardkay
Wave to the Sun by dlsouter
Haters will say its photoshoped  by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Crystal Cove State Beach by JoseMatutina
Under the Pier at Sunset #2 by mkrof72
Day at the Beach #2 by mkrof72
Live it, love it, feel it by VinceVphotography
Morning Blues. by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Morning colors  by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Chee whoooo!!! by The_Photo_Wave_Rat