Neglected by ChixPixPhotography
Weathered and Worn by MsJudi
Cemetery Path by Gyrohype
Off Season by rturnbow
Rusty Old Car by MsJudi
Breaking Through by Gyrohype
End Of Travels by MsJudi
And Unto Dust... by adavies
This old house by twinborg
Jalopy For Rent by MsJudi
Rays of a past by Svetlana_Sewell
Lost with time by jeffniederstadt
The Lecturn by adavies
Forsaken by HappyTree
End of the line by adavies
Work In Progress by MsJudi
Beach Boat v2 by dbalaam
Drive In by MsJudi
More Stalactites  by adavies
Dark Dreams by Trish_Mistric
neglected knowledge by AnnaOnachenko
Forgotten by Eagle_Summit
Forgotten by jeffniederstadt
Neglect by grantsykes
The Corner Door by leewright_0459
Neglect by PhotoArtByAstrid
Bodie ghost town by bsideimagery