Mt Rushmore by calvinheinly
Photo  by alexstuart
Fireworks 6 by oldtown56
IMG_0016 Leeper's Creek by Pinhole
Strickland's Glen, Bangor, Co. Down by JohnDMcDonald
Watersmeet by pete_watson
Moving Clouds by Clark_Engbrecht
Flamborough Sunset by markheslington
ND in the Night by Malachee
Photo  by brgwood
52 Captures Challenge, 2/52, Clouds by rabbitcar
Fading Light by aaronmorgan
Austin Skyline 6819 by jeffnewton
Tears of Eos by joannaajdosgawkowska
Typical Dutch landscape at Zaandam on a beautiful sunny  afternoon. by semwijnhoven
Total recall by alrainphoto
Apr_MK27426-Edit-2 by RJNear
Still waters by mojeeza
Teeth by Jofriii
Red Moon over Rotterdam by ilyakorzelius
Sherkston Quarry  by lucianocapasso
Standing Rock by katiehaigh
MC Rock ND-18-1 by ILWinter
The Remains of the Day by aaronmorgan
Out to sea by bazweller
Sheepskin Hollow Falls Pano 2 by ALZPhoto
Photo  by lwoodie
Charlie and myself looking out over Glen Lyon from the Praying Hands of Mary  by MilesGrayPhotography