Dahlia - Vuurvogel - Colour Splash 2 Oct 2016 DSC_0016 by aidandevlin
Enlighted  by Klaus56
Pollen Dusted Bee by peggcampbell
White flower  by Klaus56
November rose  by Klaus56
Bee and Roto CCW 0001 by charlenecampbell-wood
In my garden by Jones123
1935530_1211423165446_6191520_n by nicolerasmussen
Tri-Colour Bee on a Mauve Chair by peggcampbell
0_102380_26746907my rose by phyllisbennett
Wild wine with cat by Klaus56
FocuS on You by Phototales
Pink Crocus by Klaus56
plant pot by Klaus56
HALLOWEEN ROSE by kathyhancock
'Shroom, September 2018 by julie_0755
Heather, September 2018 by julie_0755
Winter Sunflowers by Phototales
 Helleborus Double Ellen blooming in my garden (IMG_6991) by LuciaH
Clematis by Krittergirl
HummingBird Collection 14x14-8 by yolaneswanepoel
A Hint of Rain by kathyhancock
DROPS ON SEEDS by kathyhancock
Hawkweed, June 2019 by juliaWphoto
Covered In Dew by LisserPeters
Holding on, November 2018 by julie_0755
Sleeping beauty  by Klaus56
Pink rose  by Klaus56