Monk Seal 4 by PhotosbyJLR
Little Monks by Forrest_Brown
Buddhist monk with his dog... by nyanamoli
lost in thought by ovosphotography
untitled by Duangmon
Walking in the Light by timpryce
Enlightened by Zubuano
Enlightening  by DrewHopper
Young Novice by DrewHopper
Memories candle fair on Super full moon day by Sivapoom_Yamasaki
Timeless by timpryce
The-Monk by nathanielgunby
Buddhist novice praying by lizardboy
Tea Time in Tibet by Yan1982
Mountain Dweller 9 by sarahallegra
Walking Amongst Shadows by miketlim
A Monk Reflecting by lizardboy
Reciting Passages by DrewHopper
Too lazy to get up. by nyanamoli
Kukaniloko by jasonmatias
Cambodia08_-565 by carlkerridge
Reflection by timpryce
For a handful of rice by AdCarreira
Crossing the Mekong by Crazy_Krasi
Where Time Stands Still... by RobertoPazziPhotography
DSCF5006 by devinjohnstonlee
Barefoot wanderings...  by nyanamoli
Walk on the bright side of life.  by anneberingmeier
Mountain Dweller 10 by sarahallegra
DSCF5683 by devinjohnstonlee
Readings by miketlim
Novice is in a fresh nature. by visootuthairam