Blackout No. 3 by levinlee
Photo  by AnastaciaPetropavlovskaya
Common blue butterfly by zoehughes
Young male lion by dirkluus
Photo  by danilbaker
Black and white portrait of a young male posing on the beach by keyrah
Eternity in an Hour by RCorneliusphoto
Doctors by sammdewaele
Male Lion by Rustybucket8472
A Life Lived  by eileenmc
Yellow Wagtail Serenade by AlvenmodFoto
Lion's Mane by melissarichardson
Are you looking at me? by xaltair
Anthony by nickelphoto
Hidden Red by heatherhb
A pair of birds by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
I'm Being Followed by a Moonshadow by jameswheeler
Style is beauty by kamyarbaghvand
Male portrait by wojtekpiatek
Dust by ShannonAlexander
Dancer by markyl
Dancing in the woods by markyl
F for Fierce by akapov
Evolution: Fire by camdenski
Daniel fashion by kasperlau
Divine Masculine by Jessicamalone85
Grumpy by GPetrie
Francesco enjoying La spada di Damocle by jamesrushforth
Magnificent by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
Inspired by Picasso - Twins by paveltamm
New York City  by lukechadwickjones
Scott by enriquelopezphoto