Crocodile on the Okavango by andytaylor756
Best Seat in the House by terrysigns13
Lurk by DavidMBuckwalter
Lurk by vzsuzsi
Lurking by LarsEspeter
Lurk by Nostrajanus
Monsters aren't outsiders, they roam within us all by johnfrostbiteslettjord
The Raven Visits by terrysigns13
Out of the shadows by TwistedReflex
Lurk by marwayounes
Predator lurking in the shadows by simondebattista
Creepin' by C-Marie
Lurking-The American Alligator  by Cix8
Near Dark by davegodden
evil lurks in the woods at night by stephaniemarieaughenbaugh
Creepin by Nicole476
Lurk by mikeewarkentin
The Turtle Lurks by sherylcampbell
A Handy Facemask by Bwitsoe11
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