Rainbow Lorikeet by sallyG11
Three of a Kind by trauflerphotography
Rainbow Lorikeet by Ozscapes
If look could kill by Seby
Mouthful of Nectar by Burnettj
Face by mhaeri
lorikeet by FrankSomma
Rainbow Lorikeet by Jan590
Lorikeet by SteveBadger
Mirror mirror on the wall,  who is the prettiest of them all?.... by Merlot
front garden no2 by gazza60
Rainbow Lorikeet by Geoff-T
lorikeet head by Michaelmeijer
Taking a Break by sallygravener
_MG_5209_crop by PeteBobb
Rainbow Lorikeets  by ratherton
Yum Yum by Burnettj
open wings  by mhaeri
Rainbow lorikeet by namero
Rainbow Lorikeet by ChristyRStanford
Trapeze Artist by HenryBrosiusPhotography
Checking the flowers by Burnettj
Touchdown by Burnettj
Whisper romantic by mhaeri
Up Close & Personal by vsidles
Rainbow Lorikeet by Kim2Wright
Rainbow Lorikeet by MythicHippo
Rainbow tree by amb1946
Five Bandits.,,,,,,001_Natural balanced (resized) by llowzz
Hanging Around by ImagesByLouisa
Rainbow Lorikeet by jstgoxo
_MG_5187_crop by PeteBobb