Angel of Fire by Foxhound
Lone Tree by gunnarheilmann
Light Up the Sky by drowning
Sisters in the Forest by ianchen0
Old Truck Light Painting by mmunksgard
Path of the Paris tourist  by joshuaperrett
Magic tree by gunnarheilmann
Ran Over by gunnarheilmann
CrashNG by DuffyDoherty
Stargazer  by JenniferDominguez
Painted with light under an irish sky! by PaulDohertyPhotography
Christmas Lights at Night by kcphotofilm
Carolyn J by FlorendoStudioArts
Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck by jamesrushforth
Remote Norway pt. II by thephlog
1952 Ford on the  prairie of North Central Montana by Larzz
Bring light, bring life. by vastdreamer
Wild camping in snowdonia by jamesaphoto
In the dark by UnTill
Night of  the Bronco by jamesnelms
Clinton Resevoir waxing gibbous  by forum8fox
what planet are we on? by simpledesertgirl
Night flight by DariusPeckus
Futuro In Blue by jamesnelms
Glow by ianchen0
Circumpolar by josedevesa
Before the rain. by nikolaytrebukhin
Street Walker by above_average
Last Contact  by ShabdroPhoto
Ghost gets ready for a midnight ride. by kathrynsklenakdannay
When Selfies Unite by prajitr
Palouse Falls Night by billsisson