Calm by bmackenziephotography
Black and Gold by dmytrokorol
Happy leaf by photobynorb
Frosty leaf by kirpihanim
Green pattern by zmachacek
Leaf and Spider, Black and White by tuliosampayo
Lilac by Bastetamon
Leaf Head by hadissima
Amazonian goddess; portrait of a wild looking, camouflaged warrior girl holding bow and arrow by keyrah
Ode to Autumn by Ashrafularefin
Wedding Bouquet by MichelleStrydom
Red Ferns by Diogo_Pereira
Secret garden by samolson
a quiet river... by grandpa_Vlad
Fallen Leaf -The Pain by RobbieRoss
MapleLeaf by drdw
The traveller by hofhauser
Mr. Homemaker by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
Site 6 by dmytrokorol
Narcissus by hofhauser
The gentlest color of spring  by Bastetamon
Going to the Autumn sun along the fence by dmytrokorol
Droplets by OMPhotography
lonely silhouette... by grandpa_Vlad
autumn fire...(1) by grandpa_Vlad
Levitation Maternity Shot! by ArberElezi
Seedling by Michael_Higgins
Relic of Icarus by ADesign
Ladybug Leaf by jenniehettrick
Cycas Revoluta - young leaf by KristinaOers
Among the Green Rocks by dmytrokorol
Forest path  by Michaelmeijer