Landing Pad by philowen
Pelican Splash by ryanramsamy
Schwabacher's Landing by drowning
Feeding Frenzy redux by patrick9x9
_P0I1743 Bald Eagle about to execute a perfect landing by grayfoxx
AngelslandingSR by phillip_brossette
Back Light Landing by redsled84
Concentration by stevelarge
Coming in hot! by JR-Photography
Plane Watching by aaronncollier
Schwabacher Landing, WY by Ed_Erglis_Photography
African Skimmer Landing by GeoffG46
Grand Teton - First Light by GMyer
Duck! by Hood
Puffin landing by iriswaanders
landing by Valerij
Great Balls of Fire by RRamsey72
A Grand Reflection  by Travis83001
Landing by matej007
Blue Hour at Schwabacher Landing by HopeCharmaine
Landing by Bazz
Landing by tahirabbasawan
About to Land by larryrogers
coming in to land by mlorenekimura
Reflecting on Everything by KGSPhoto
Sequence of a Barred Owl by questforwildlife
Coronado Ferry Landing by stevealbano
The Landing by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
Rally Atmosphere by clausaresu
The Egret has landed by mcampi
Short Finals by lee532