Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year by CapturedImages
Stretching the Legs by BARoland
Cardinal Couple by Quantummist
Bad Hair Day by BARoland
Mine! by BARoland
It's you! by BARoland
American GoldFinch by Quantummist
Passing Through by Quantummist
Kentucky on My Mind three by KenRF
Thoroughbred Mare in B-W by BARoland
Sunset in Kentucky by kgc67
Blood Moon Over Kentucky 9-27-2015 by Melinda_Stewart_Page
Dome by beckykempf
Potential.... by BARoland
Towering Terror by adrianmurray
Dad Black and White 5 by MagicMark7
Bluejay by Quantummist
Cumberland Falls by paulatolliver
Snow Frisbee with Zip by BARoland
Waterfall at Mill Spring by genelinzy
Downey Woodpecker by Quantummist
Hello by JSwann
racing STeam by heathermoreton
Warming up at Churchill Downs by reh037
After A Night of Ice and Snowfall by BARoland
Angel of the Multitude at theBirth of Christ by David_R_Anderson
The (Not So) Old Grey Mare by BARoland
20181229 - 002 by chrisbelcher
Wildflower Sunrise by npentecost
A Good One.... by BARoland
Cumberland Falls Downriver by ghutch
Winter Comes to Otter Creek by BARoland