Ferrells by williambattle
KY DOWN UNDER by aprilrena
Kaylee and Ms Royal Flagship by heathermoreton
Autumn Trail by VictoriaBullock
The Forgotten Foyer by acornoak
Kentucky Sunset by NaturalEyePhotography
Capitol Dome by beckykempf
Dharma at wolf park by heathermoreton
JoJo by heathermoreton
Male & Female Kentucky Cardinals by Quantummist
Mare and Newborn Foal  by BARoland
The Fillies by BARoland
The Chestnut Filly by BARoland
Stepping Out of the Mist  by BARoland
"Cat? I Didn't See A Cat!" by Melinda_Stewart_Page
Elkhorn Creek by genelinzy
Bluegrass Farm by genelinzy
Aloft by williambattle
Princess Falls by VictoriaBullock
A Quiet Afternoon by BARoland
Outside my Window II by heathermoreton
The Lost River Cave by aprillewis
Just Another Day In Kentucky. by bart101
Bluegrass Sunrise by BARoland
Looking Through the Windshield  by BARoland
American Gold Finch (Winter Plumage) by Quantummist
At the Fence ...  by BARoland
Winter is coming.... by BARoland
Over the Western Hills by BARoland
Is that Peppermint for ME???? by BARoland
Divine Sunset by graceandgloryimages