Bay Colt by BARoland
Sonic Boom by patrickkulwicki
Turkey Run Sunset by npentecost
Waterfall by VictoriaBullock
A Future Champion? by BARoland
Chestnut Arabian Yearling by heathermoreton
GmT_Stalactites by Tanners
Lost in the Mist by patrickkulwicki
Misty Evening by Guinness
The West View  by BARoland
True Colors by BARoland
A Soft Look.... by BARoland
Eye of the Beast by MoImages
A Day Off by BARoland
A Ruin... by BARoland
Four Roses Distillery by genelinzy
Where goes one, goes all by BARoland
Kentucky on My Mind seven by KenRF
@ 15 minutes  by BARoland
Autumn Color by lmevans
Eye of the beholder by stephenchandler
Long Run Winter Sunset by npentecost
An easy canter on a crisp day.... by BARoland
Kentucky sunset by BARoland
Goodfellas by AshLNew1994
Louisville Water Tower by npentecost
Thanksgiving Day 2018 by BARoland
The Pose by BARoland
Weathering The Storm  by BARoland
Winter Fog by stephenchandler
Autumn at Mill Springs, Water Fall two by KenRF
First Snow and Ice of November  by BARoland