Best view from the helicopter door by Maxbaloo
Inside the crater by Maxbaloo
232A4487 by GavrilovaAnna
232A5923 by GavrilovaAnna
Past the Boiling Grounds by lifearound
232A7558-2 by GavrilovaAnna
232A0777 — копия by GavrilovaAnna
232A2864 by GavrilovaAnna
Lava by elenasafonova
Spring song by utkindmitriy
232A9571 by GavrilovaAnna
232A3288 by GavrilovaAnna
232A0655 by GavrilovaAnna
Eruption of Tolbachik by Dazkam
Good time by elenasafonova
Under our feet  by MaryWJackson
IMG_9540 by GavrilovaAnna
232A4553х by GavrilovaAnna
Hikers Descent by NatashaHaggard
Night, Boeing 777 by ivankozlov
Snowboarder by utkindmitriy
It goes without saying  by MaryWJackson
RU-Kamchatka-Lake-Tachtoloch by VasilyShirokov
DSC_4887 by northernlights41
Colors of Kamchatka 2 by lifearound
Hello from mister crab ! :) by vladimirprokofyev
cosmos by irinagrishina
Pacific ocean by elenasafonova
232A8690 by GavrilovaAnna
Shiveluch Volcano Eruption by Maxbaloo
20160922_124627_HDR by denisdavydov_3345
Trip to Tolbachik vulcano by TonyReshef