Beauty in Pearls 2 by MariaMercer
My girl's latest inking by pinkcamera
IMG_6400 by CecilyH
Somewhere there's a place where we belong by Lili_Oubliette
Forever starts with I Do by ewhoffman
Jewelery Box by eyahadd
Aimy by LIsaAFord
Megan 1 by megandavies
DSC_2471-1-1 by arnoldpriddie
Dazzling by sunilaN
Amber ring by debbiedeboo
Amrit by Ingleman
Emerald Grey by Cae_foto
Blue Heart - Hearts n Roses by Batpac666
Ocean Awaits by Ninique
Lady Wolf by Achruscinskaphotography
Ocean awaits by Ninique
Bride getting ready by mukhtar
Spectators at a Bonfire by JohnDMcDonald
Viking Queen by Achruscinskaphotography
IMG_3562 by ianmcmillan
Jewellery by vivekkalyan
Jay Middleton by teganmccann
Butterfly jewellery by vzsuzsi
20160812_Dinosaur Crystal by crystalgray
Angelic Bride by sureshraheja
Bohemian Goddess by Ninique
Sirens come ashore by Ninique
DSC_0071 by sunilaN
Portrait Of A Blacksmith by emmanuelpanayi
Rings and Feather by lanakeen