The blue one... by Arnar
Jökulsárlón Beach by patrickyates
Iceberg under the rainbow by Jonrunar
The Beach at Jökulsárlón, Iceland by Chillbrook
LIGHT by davidruizluna
Sunset at Glacier lagoon by Jonrunar
Jökulsárlón beach by patrickyates
Out to Sea by LisaMLettieri
The Pebble by LucThibauPhotography
Blueberg by KPierce90
Fish out of water by patrickyates
Svínafellsjökull glacier by maperick
Iceland; what's in a name... by jensgoos
Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon by mikeweinhold
She for Us by top100wonders
Floating Out to Sea by LisaMLettieri
The Waiting Room

Glacial chunks waiting in Jökulsárlón before moving slowly out to sea by dtgphoto
Ice Cave, Vatnajökull National Park, Jökulsárlón, Iceland by top100wonders
Ice berg by Jonrunar
Diamond Beach by Komainu85
Glacier Lagoon by sarahpullan
Icebergs ahead! by SteveHphotos
Glaciers of Sand by jasonjhatfield
Eternity by AniaK
Jökulsárlón Glacier Beech by NeilShackleton
Jökulsárlón, Iceland by paulvanderheyde
Ice anyone by ralphgreen
Jökulsárlón by odinn
Blue ice cubes at Diamond beach by Jonrunar
Diamond beach, Iceland by michallebl
The real Blue Lagoon! by patrickyates
Serenity of the Iceberg by billtaylorphotos