Beast Mode by dellaina
Hey Batter Batter! by LiveInspiredByBrenda
Chimp_Zoo by DevPhoto
Stuff I Love About Hockey . . . The Hitting by stuffAboutHockey
Stuff I Love About Hockey . . . When They Give It To Each Other  by stuffAboutHockey
splash by killrachel
The Horse by AndersonBrandolt
big wave hitting the jetty by fzxtiger
Water Art by josephleduc
The young man in red was fast off the line. He was bigger than the green team and hard for them to block.  by johnshipes
The Fed by bhaj
High Notes by fazilkhan
Waves Hitting the Shore_0756 by Manni
DSC_0327 Common Tern by alanvaughan
Fighting White Tigers by jaymolyneux
Getting It by rachelknorris
It's a double! by ricktouhey
Beam of sunlight by HarryD2016
Getting Ready by bhaj
It's a hit! by ricktouhey
Safe! by ricktouhey
Male watching the sunlight hitting the mountains by blazeafj
Eye on the ball by SportsNut50
Shooting target full of bullet holes by ykd
Start Them Young by johnshipes
BACK TO SCHOOL by christycoons
DSC_0326 Common Tern by alanvaughan
Swinging by rachelknorris
The Gladiator by bhaj
Preparing to Hit by laddiehalupa
The Catcher by Lenscrafter
Playing Wiffle and Kick Ball in the back yard by cheriejordan
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