dance-1 by paullambourne
Classical Dance on the beach by AbhishekSP
The bleak landscape of the Hindu Kush by madmac
Angkor Wat by Jaym62
carved column by DrPhrogg
Ta Prohm by Stookey
Old Man at the Temple, Kathmandu by graphicheart
Mandy Atop Nandi by TwoCatsPhotography
A Bird's Eye View of Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram by Ragu
composition-2 by zenseeker
The Dude of Priests by salvadidosalvo
Piercing Glance by RobertoPazziPhotography
Smile with 25 heads by LogeshKumar
Beautiful Wedding Guest by russellbruce
Cave by 2fly2sky
Rajasthan Diaries. by SwameshL
God Vishnu's Lotus by Sachinkawale
Panigraham - offering of brides hand to the groom and acceptance by the groom by shivaranigudiyella
Divine Intoxication by ludwigriml
Hindi Holy Man by carrie00813
Peace of Mind by RobertoPazziPhotography
The old Saint  by shutteraholic
Child's prayer by MattMcGee
BAPS Hindu Temple by DrPhrogg
Worship of the Murti by DrPhrogg
Iluh by salvadidosalvo
New Delhi India... a marvelous day spent in the midst of marvelous architecture by photosbyvon
Little Temples of Kathmandu by jamiemitchell
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan  by Davewsphotography
Many Faced Door by juliagordon
Krishna by nandumenon
Front of BAPS Shri Swaaminaryan Mandir by DrPhrogg