Looking at Oasis Sunset by yeates21
Up on top of the Butte by RLP073
Road Landscape by DR_PICTURE
The Long Path by BorisToronto
Autumn - the last smile of the year by DorisSeybold
Early Morning Light by brimel
Legend of the Wood Duck by mcampi
Port of quietness by dmytrokorol
Feels Like Home by ntgreen
IMG_5361 by sarathvitala
Happy days by clifffawcett
Small Boat by Paklang
Bled Gamma. by JuanPablo-deMiguel
The Paradise by stefanrobert
Kaf alkat kherbat siouf. Derrag. Medea of Algeria  by Fatififi
Morning Mist by jaybirmingham
Waiting For The Storm by Effess
Mountain top by Maesel
DSC06708a by alef0
Drangarnir enjoy sunset by kenopictures
Mount Washington Hotel by mjhousto
Church on the Hill by aaronjgroen
Crow by alef0
What Was That Noise? by BonnieHillPhotography
Low Valley Flight by jasongines
Beautiful Mist in the Morning  by jonasweiss
Church by DorisSeybold
Not a better day to go fishing bw by dmytrokorol
Boats of Sognefjord by dmytrokorol
Sugar Pine Walk by josephinecaruana
Blurred Reflections... by sweetpea72
Geese in the Storm by jacphotographic