Spaniel at play by Scott34
"Max" by jameshare
Jake Headshot 1 by DavidintheForest
Basil by aliceloder
The Gun Dog by sumoandmick
Fjori by aliceloder
Photo  by aliceloder
Henry by DaveSnow
Erin and Jerry by DaveSnow
Gum dogs by DaveSnow
Shades of brown  by Mano82
A Nova Scotian duck tolling retreiver! by DaveSnow
Cocker Spaniel by DavieDunn
Doris by DaveSnow
Loki by aliceloder
Peaky by aliceloder
Working Gundog by kathaggiss
English Springer Spaniel by DavieDunn
Best Friends by Annie321
Young handler by heatherbradbury
English Springer Spaniel by DavieDunn
Dorothy and Eric by DaveSnow
Keith by DaveSnow
Springer spaniel by jamesharding_0365
Harvest Dog by Annie321
Springer spaniel portrait by jameshare
Eric and Dorothy take 2 by DaveSnow
Queenie by Phil43
The working Dog by scarletlady777
Gundog by Masher
9097 Ronnie Blue Roan Cocker Bitch by gailbarton
German wirehaired pointer. by stephenpatterson
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