Haytor with mare & foal by tmtburke
El Capitan by JoyceDickens
Granite mortar & lemon by LexyPhoto
Fire Falls Finally by mikewooten
Sandra 17.08.09 1104 by ZeLuiz
Blooming Dogwoods in Yosemite 3 by larrymarshall
Yosemite Falls by GeoCarlson78
King's Tor by Vemsteroo
Almudena Cathedral Ceiling and Organ by averycarter
Under the Willow Tree by MaggieClaire
Montello Waterfall by vickyalmgren
Dartmoor scene by tmtburke
Yosemite Half Dome - film grain by kcharls
Colour in the Sky by lulahbubb
Sand Harbor by derrickament
Autumn by dslrno
Pit Stop  by sigridbh
Photo  by sjorgensen
Mt. Rushmore by SueClarkPhoto
Granite Quarry Waterfall 2 by chuckolat
Cold Granite Pink Ballerina by LiveInspiredByBrenda
Sandra 17.08.09 1079 by ZeLuiz
Rock tree 1 by Darcien1
Spitzkoppe in golden sunlight. by leonhugo
Maria Flor at the Fountain by ZeLuiz
Granite Creek-2 HDR b/w by DesireedeLeeuw
Tahoe Boulders at Sunset 18 by ScottShot
Victor Harbour Horse Drawn Tram_0461 B&W by Manni
Vivian and Excaliber by Tarazita
Dome Rock by tonyb1969
National War Memorial, Ottawa, Canada New Years Eve 2016 by JimCumming