Sandra 17.08.09 1042 by ZeLuiz
Bryce Canyon (panoramic version) DSC8303 by larrymarshall
Ever been to Mars? by larrymarshall
Catfish Pond by kenfowkes
" Oh lovely Rock" by billgardam
Rockefeller Steps by Alignm2
IMG_6634 by FrancoisHorne
Horseshoe Bend by larrymarshall
Juniper  by WestBoundaryPhotography
Watson_Lake_Sunrise_Panorama by anthonyryan
Granite Mountain by michaelwilson
Foggy Meadow Yosemite Valley by greghochstein
Getting Over by WendyHudnall
Perry Memorial Arch by EileenP
Wave rock from above by leeanne_6709
The rock arch at Spitzkoppe in the Namibia Desert  by leonhugo
DSC_0730-3-2 by prasadsawant
Sandra 17.08.09 1047 by ZeLuiz
Down Time by TimothyPrincehorn
Beams of Light by derrickament
Montauk Motion by CapeScapesCoastal
Reflection of gorgeous granite in water was dreamy_mwm by ScorpioOnSUP
Hiking on granite.  by sjorgensen
Having fun climbing! by swoop113
Arches and Pillars  by lianvandenheever
Maria Flor 17.04.26 402 by ZeLuiz
Bridaveil Rainbow by richgreene
Bow River by sigridbh
Contos, WA by sachatheflasher
First Light by treerose
Susana no Horto das Virtudes by ZeLuiz