The snake under the Ra Gusela by FedericoAntonello
The Grand Hotel (with moon) by FedericoAntonello
Morning at Ra Gusela by LubosBalazovic
Passo Giau, mountain is shaped like a wellknown finger sign... by Merlot
Dolomites stargazing by jamesrushforth
Sunrise over the towers of Cinque Torri by jamesrushforth
Star gazing  by jamesrushforth
Passo Giau,  this mountain is shaped like a well known finger sign... by Merlot
Sunrise at Lago Limides by jamesrushforth
Autumn in Dolomites by alekrivec
Monte Pelmo by jamesrushforth
Colle Santa Lucia by jamesrushforth
Monte Antelao as seen from the Falzarego by jamesrushforth
A low flying buzzard swoops over the Passo Falzarego by jamesrushforth
Passo Giau under the Milky Way by MaurizioCasulaPhoto
when dawn meets night by wolfgangmoritzer
Pelmo the God's throne by methariorn78
Sentiero Astaldi by jamesrushforth
Last light on Lastoni di Formin by jamesrushforth
winter landscapes on Passo Giau by alexey_gorshenin
Sunrise on the Passo Giau by jamesrushforth
Night stars by MarioHorvat
sunset at Passo Giau by simonmigaj
Sunrise at Passo di Giau by alex_lauterbach
Passo_di_Giau by zarkopiljak
Giau Pass by VDPFreelancer
Passo Giau by vincenzodesantis
Mountain Panorama of the Dolomites as viewed from passo di Giau by alekrivec
Passo GIAU by juliannaszula
The first lights by ManuSca
Dolomites / Italy by SebastianWarneke
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