Star Chasing by KevinRussellPhotography
**Number 3** by damianmccudden
Sparkling Cottonwood by AlisonHopkinsPhotography
**Milky Way Reflections** by damianmccudden
Spinning Wool Spider by AlisonHopkinsPhotography
Palliser night Road to the Milky Way by stewartwatson
the beginning  by Feeko77
Opening Season 2018 by AllScapesPhoto
Boardwalk to the Prismatic Stars by AlisonHopkinsPhotography
star journey  by Feeko77
Moeraki at twilight with Galactic Core by Darrenp
**Flying Through the Galaxy** by damianmccudden
Milky Way over East Texas by BatCavePhotography
Apukuna, Uño & Mayu / Land of the Giants in the Big span of the Universe by iwangroot
**The Winds of Change** by damianmccudden
**Rise of the Milky Way** by damianmccudden
Universally Speaking  by aaronjgroen
**Lake Weyba Milky Way** by damianmccudden
into infinity by Feeko77
**Dolphin Rock** by damianmccudden
**The Aussie Wanaka Tree** by damianmccudden
Milky Way over Karapiro New Zealand by HelenaGratkowski
Mars, Kiwi, and the Lone Tree by rebeccateng
**The Aussie Wanaka Tree: Part 2** by damianmccudden
Aggressive Negotiations by AlisonHopkinsPhotography
Milky Way Over a Golf Course by teajuice
the Milky Way from my porch by HelenaGratkowski
Milky Way Moonset by AlisonHopkinsPhotography
RoadToTheStars by AlisonHopkinsPhotography
Milky Way Over Mauna Loa by brianmabry
**The Great Unknown** by damianmccudden
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