frozen falls by colehouse
Tundra Sunset by BorisToronto
Christmas Robin in Red Berries by dakoch
Old barn turned into a wood shed by AnnuO
Rappelling a Frozen Ice Pillar by brianmerry
Church in Yosemite by lpp526
Austrian Mountain by ericcriswell
Below Zero by icphoto
Winter Stream by tomwillis
Where's the lake?, wonders the Guardian of the Lake by AnnuO
Image From A Stolen Time by juusovoutilainen
Winter Stroll by Mariko
Pond by Ed_Erglis_Photography
Frozen by brigitteryan
Lake of Two River at Winter. by BorisToronto
Frozen Tree by ahuffaker
The Philosopher by Mariko
Ice Clouds by fotosdenada
Frozen Lake Alpine by diversionphotography
Lost Within by phil1
Twilight Beauty 1801_2013 by IanDMcGregor
green view by Samaltofik
Photo  by DivyaG27
Frozen fern by Foxyphotos
The Ice Dagger by jamesrushforth
Walking on water (technically) by danielryan_1971
Winter Evening Blues by AnnuO
Winter tale by witq
Ice blobules by fotosdenada
Frozen Yuba  by mcampi