Reflecting by Eagle_Summit
Welcoming Stunts of The Local Kids (Cavinti,Laguna,Phil.) by DEEphotograph
Frozen Water - B&W - 2 by RyanCottam
Winter Contrast by BorisToronto
Where Must We Be by phil1
Where Dreams Come To Rest by phil1
The Bride of Moraine Lake by sdondero
The Dachstein and it's reflection see by Konstantinos_Lagos
Frozen Dawn by sheriminardi
Let it Go by shannonhreha
Chill in the sun :) by akphotographystudio
Hut in the mountains by dmytrokorol
DSC_6036-2 by timpiche
Golden and frozen by ToveM
Icicles by Maesel
Guardian of the Lake on Winter Duty by AnnuO
Purple Ice by cwells
Dancing virgins by ianrobins
A winter's dream by thomaskast
Winter at the Docks by DPBVisual
Frozen Berries. by dianehannamalanga
Frozen Lighthouse in Saint Joseph by dansproul
Where the waves collide by adrian-borda
The Rock by VGFPhotography
Frozen leaves by theeyecatcher
Ice Blue by bekrouskie
Horsetail's Icy Veil by JennaVee
Seal on Cracking Ice in Antarctica by kiramorris
frozen soapbubble by MF-SoHo
Church in Yosemite by lpp526
Frozen by Selswick