Pillar and Ice by Cbries
Stunned by the cold by Jesse3650
crystallized morning  by SublimeExposures
Reine-Lofoten Islands by HelenaGratkowski
Icy sunrise on the Odra river by piotrhalka
Freezing Beauty by NicolaPirondini
A star in the woods by SarahBeer
kaja by hanneskutza
Giant Iceburgs by Amanda_Wakefield
Frozen Road to Nowhere by aaronjgroen
Blue hour Auroras by damonbeckford
The Golden Swan - 24Celsius by jarijohnsson
Starry Night at Reflection Lake by rheebird
Freezing Fog Coating a Tree by Pamelabole
Singing Sparrow - Patagonia, Puetro tumbo, Argentina by clarksmith
Freezing pond by palmivilhjalmsson
Golden Chill by andrewgibson
Frozen Trees Twizel New Zealand by HelenaGratkowski
*** by FloS
This Way! by StefanWitte
Halo of Sublimation by paleblue
Lakefront on 10 below - by Shabogi
Northern Lights Fill the Sky by lmevans
Lone tree in the snow by robatkins
Winter Lace in the Sky by AnnuO
Ice Castle by cwells
Old hay shed turned into wood shed by AnnuO
The Divide Between Winter and Spring by ericcriswell
Winter Solstice Magic by stian