Redwood and foxglove by SaltyGirl
Foxglove Close-up by quincyfloyd
Pink Foxglove by PhotosByJEM
foxglove wash by oliversettle
Bee in foxglove by tmtburke
Morning Walk Foxglove by patgriffin
Flowers in the morning dew by helenehages
Digitalis purpurea  by eyeDream
Daddy Long Legs on foxglove by sjorgensen
Delicate blossoms by sigridbh
Foxglove by tgainer
Foxglove by aprillewis
Pink Foxglove Trio 0609 by ThomasJerger
Beauty in Bloom by LifeForcePhotography
Purple foxglove by Joviaal
Foxglove... by Mike-n-Mindy
Photo  by awolslegelcomcastnet
White Foxglove by PhotosByJEM
Bees on foxglove by Foxyphotos
Foxglove by fredie
Photo  by awolslegelcomcastnet
One Small Drop of Water by KittyM
Foxglove by Sdonion
Comtemplating the Abyss 0609 by ThomasJerger
Foxglove  by JVendetti
Photo  by awolslegelcomcastnet
Fanciful Foxglove by StefaniaEymundson
White Foxglove with Bee by shane22