Segovia and Alcazar castle on snow covered landscape. by Danielvg
Down before the king by MaxMontella
Asen's Fortress by christianchrustev
Parallel Universes by cristifechete
A Glimpse of the Past by JBaptista
Light fortification 2 by JuanPablo-deMiguel
Welcome by cristifechete
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, Bombardier and Navigator's Section by jimwatkins
Rocca Calascio Fortress by giacomomarchegiani
Clock Tower by St_Micca
Light fortification by JuanPablo-deMiguel
DONNINGTON CASTLE by laurawatson0010
Fortress by cristianstef
Shout It From the Rooftops by ts446photo
Locked Inside by mirkokianu
The Pointy End by lensvoodoo
Cité de Carcassonne by alindinu
Alone in the tower by Megabrain
DSC8703a by alef0
Prague Fairytale by dmytrokorol
Red Sunset over the Hohenzollern Castle by dmytrokorol
Tower of the town Тower by lyubomirstoykov
Bobolice Castle in the morning haze by dmytrokorol
Fireworks. Day of the Navy. Saint-Petersburg. Photo 10. by Andrew08
Czesky Krumlov. The wall by dmytrokorol
Memphis Belle  by timecapturer
Passage by Danuberiverchild
The atlantic wall by mbernholdt
Great Wall of China by alindinu
B17 Flying Fortress by philipdrispin