Request helicopters for urgent evacuation - mission accomplished by MOZEL
Competition - Rifle Range by JT_Foulds
Onondaga Submarine by tracymunson
ODA in Colombia by brianwhitney
Two Wheelie by Gdhiman
Blue Angels, Fleet Week, San Francisco by lonmyst
Court of Honor by sweetpea72
Skyhawks_2924 by Targetair_Images
Rock Rounding by LookSee
Working dog in training.  by Mikelsr
Up. by Iamangiea
Give veterans a chance by Thebazile_gonzo
Motion of the Ocean by DreamWanderer
Dressed For Armed Forces Day by 1Ernesto
army truck nuclear rocket launcher by OlegErmak
Bogota by brianwhitney
Horse at Dawn, The Morning Workout by Michaelvincentphotos
The USS Boston Sub Sail by MsJudi
Bounty killer - the wasteland watcher by MOZEL
Snowbirds by kenmcall
The American Soldier by Ukanome
Tail Gunner Seat by Neckbone
Arm Wrestler Contest Live Action by 1Ernesto
Penny Dreadful by porlusatmaelstrom
3_Snowbirds by sysguy
water fight by Mlucasphotography
Avro Vulcan in high speed turn to port by jonc45
Forces Day 2018 by snowdon
battle rattle by MWMeadorphotography