Photo  by countryside
Goldie on a teasel  by dougplume
Goldfinch III by RobynC
Female House Finch by Daisy00
Photo  by whereisglen
Red Capped Robin. by biglenswildlife
Holy broken branch batman! by keepclicking
Silver Eye. by biglenswildlife
Editing fun by trainwoman
House Finch "Carpodacus mexicanus" by 1Ernesto
House Finch by Rusmwood
purple finch during snowstorm by susel
The Yellow Finch by Katnott
4 little finches sitting in a tree by RobynC
Goldfinch on a Wire by Tanya333
Gold Finch by kspindley
Male Chaffinch by Jaspa
I want some sugar water! by jlappen
Bath Time by Tanya333
Summer Tanager _Sabine Woods_TX_DET8938 by DenisT
perched bird by Scottjoseph315
Holub's golden weaver by hannesgrobler
Love Birds and the Third Wheeler - Double Barred Finches by BrodieJames
Finch by lindleyhill
Troupial. by Alfredo_Jose
Robin by mrmacca
House Finch by dvierno
It's Spring!! by Daisy00
Summer Tanager by tomingramphotography
Greenfinch by Nicolascrown
Beautiful Alauahio by Daisy00
IMG_9149 by micHELL666