Male Golden Whistler by AshThomson
Star Finch by Steve_Webster
Red Browed Beauty,,,,,,,,DSC_7064 -2 by llowzz
Warbling White-eye  by BirdingBill
Blue-faced Parrotfinch by JoAnneRobbinsSmith
Zebra Finch by BFinkelstein
Male Pine Grosbeak  by Eddieuuu071
Neliccourvi Weaver. by biglenswildlife
Gouldian Finch by AJMeester
Waiting out the storm by trainwoman
New England 2014 167 by micHELL666
Goldfinch  by HannahG7
House Sparrow, Male by RickL
BIRDS by photosue50
The Gouldian Finch Bird by NickMaundu
Grabbing A Bite  by MaggieClaire
Goldfinch by Nicolascrown
Chickadee by elmirvalley
DSC_5045 (2) by domtaylor
Whitethroat by Nicolascrown
Photo  by countryside
Little Bird Hang in There IMG_4996jpegsm by Snooky
Budding Baby. by VegaPolaris
Songbird by sueisley
Was lucky  was nearly running out of enough light but got this lovely shot of a fantail in flight. The image is a bit soft but I like that effect.... by Merlot
House Finch and Crab Apple Bloom by MontyRPennington
Black Headed Grosbeak by lizziemellis
Singing Bird by murrayhelm
Color Bird.jpeg by aldiaz
Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) by narahnarah
Flight by mardamin
Finch on an Ocotillo  by ruthjolly