Painted Bunting by Pauldc1
Painted Honeyeater Male. by biglenswildlife
Yellow Bird by Donbbk
White throat by Nicolascrown
Golden Breasted Bunting. by biglenswildlife
Paperbark Flycatcher. by biglenswildlife
fruit stand by geertweggen
Pose Perfection.  House finch. by NatureinLight
Ukrainian bullfinch by olastas
sparrow by wdfoto
Gouldian Finches by BlackRoseStudios
going to find food for my kids  Eurasian blue tit by drharshavardhanreddy
Male Golden Whistler by AshThomson
Baby Bluetit wanting food by 831John
American Goldfinch in the Winter by thejerd
Photo  by eduardkogan
Goldfinch by Tanya333
Testarossa by nina050
European goldfinch by Olha_Lavrenchuk
Yellow bellied Sunbird, Nectarinia jugularis, Hen  by Drosera
House Finch by Tanya333
Is it Spring Yet by pamm16
IMG_2272 by ismeghead
cardinal and finch, Pedernales Falls by GELeka
Dark-eyed Junco_Rowlett Nature Trail TX_DET3668.JPG by DenisT
Waxwing by kanebackroads
Verdin by Judy_zehentner
IMG_4928 (2) by micHELL666
Photo  by Cazzamai