Housefinch, Male on Palo Verde Tree by MEL1
Speckled Warbler. by biglenswildlife
Goldfinch II. by LookSee
Bird by dlucki
Yarrow_7 (Bluetit Fence) by Jaspa
House  Finch by deannefortnam
Reed Bunting (Male) by Jaspa
Hello :-) by JBramerPhotography
Vink by henriettevangolde
Gold finch late summer  by BearMesaPhoto
Red-headed Finch by WalterHowor
Finch of Fall by gunners42
Bohemian Waxwing  by Eddieuuu071
Pale Yellow Robin. by biglenswildlife
Goldfinch by petelaw7
Simplistic Little Bird by FaithPhotography
Finch by ahuffaker
American Golden Finch by BlueRidgeImagery
Finch Fly By by AnnSagel
drink by lamarh
Pin-tailed Whydah. by Alfredo_Jose
Diamond Firetail C by BFinkelstein
Baby Grey Lourie by WillemS
American Goldfinch by GigiJim08
A Greenfinch by margaretthomas
Gold Finch by Jennuinenature
Weathering the Storm by kathyk_abq
Great Tit by Keefyboy
Five birds by seanpatti
Longtailed tit by Nicolascrown
Purple Finch by tonyahurseyboyd
Winter Sparrow by FaithPhotography