Water reflection,  floating feather. by Lukekat
crow texture by chrisjarvis
Mandarin Duck by Creative_Intervention
Mr. See Crane by photoflea
Blue-throated Macaw  by tmtburke
Bubo Bubo by Andreas_Voigt
Wide Awake by jacqpanes
The early bird by Jldesigns
owl flight by nigel3333
drops by Hugh61
Heron by leacaffrey
Pelican on branch by tmtburke
The unborn by mattraven
 Barn owl  by chris_smith
Sunrise Sail  by mcampi
New Beginning by suzymead
Feather on a bush by nathaliedesmet
Just a snack to tide me over by MLanceDavis
Snow Princess by carolmaurerlyon
First Flight by NormaJDaveyPhotography
Bird on a wire by stephanieyates
owl flight 2 by nigel3333
Lite As a Feather... by sweetpea72
Eagle Owl 70 by tmtburke
The Fallen by ericakinsella
Bee eater in flight by MichalCandrak
Violaceous Touraco by tmtburke
Red-crested Turaco by toshihiro_shoji
Mallards by dustintillery_9811
Dive Bomber by RRcoleJR_Photography
Female Cardinal Outside in the Cold Winter. by nathaliemedeiros