A young James Cotton by stratocaster96
The Hero of the Plough by Arch
Country Kid  by Maddhatter
Friendship by Paklang
Safe Our World by harrysulistio
Farmer Brown and his green truck. by leonhugo
in the field by djinjourney
Right before the Harvest by dtdrphotography
The Farmer's Pond by chiphendershot
waves of fog by Cathunter
Village Beauty by Narasimhan
Moving pumpkins by gmarose
An Oregon Farmer Plows His Field by PhotoWorks
Relax by --iD--
905090E0-FD91-4C7A-9A13-C9ED23C3498B by giedregomes
farm at sunrise DSC_0252 by mlorenekimura
"Pumpkin Patch" by adavies
A Mother's Love... by Jenna_Lynn_Photography
Horizons by Lawrence_D_Griffin
Farmer house. by Lukekat
Time to milk by Svekke
Ice topography by Michael_Higgins
The barn by whitedeer
left to rust by gmarose
Cattle Farmer's Loyal Wife by dylanthomas_2225
dsc07485-0 by wemco2
portrait of A Farmer   by dheerajawale
Pumpkin Pumpkins Pumpkins fields full of Pumpkins by gmarose
good morning by Cathunter
Old Bill by Arch