Lisco, Nebraska U.S.A. 120218 by Duane_Watts
Diagonals by Ries
Love : Hate by AdrianFarr
Beautiful End by AdrianFarr
abandoned building ruins 2 by billbell
Tereza II. by NicolaZorkler
Paine Field 6 by kurtvolkle
Backdrop to a football matach by AM_Images
Industry by AidenOgden
Factory on the River  by Tigergal1991
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Visiting Silk Factory  by PaddieGB
chem-plant by VanderblackStudios
Smoke Trails by jniegsch
Wine Making by marilynjlyon
Athen's rooftops by Matt_eSCAPEstock
Marvelous Sky by MDBPhoto
The Reality by dkoch28
The Ward by siamesesam
Rocks by samuelglassar
Smoke In The Fog by BarbL
"Iron Discipline" by Photodanceart
Early Morning Mist by jagannasubbaiah
Rust Never Sleeps by DavidXavierPerez
POWER by allenhoward
Photo  by pedrazaruben
Courtyard 2 by carolhoughtalingdavis
the cloud factory  by gilclaes
Reflection by carolhoughtalingdavis
Thai-Umbrellas-1974_PPW by robsb
You've Got A New Story To Write And It Looks Nothing Like Your Past by ryandaw