Axe by MikeW
Don't Try This At Home, Kids! by LisaBowmanPhoto
Dynamic Power Over, Under and Through Manhattan--View from Secaucus, NJ by pantheon02
Dam Dam by highflyer
Electric Sunset by jameswheeler
Clyde by DexHortonPhotography
Fire in the Sky by Rob_Base
Peacock head Devon 2011 037 by clem
Snowy Owl by Eddieuuu071
DSCN7087 by BabZz
Center post by jeffgirard
Bang  by danmontesi
Storm by messalaciulla
DSCF3748 by morayfirth123
How Las Vegas gets power by timjohnsonimagery
Sun power by volkerknest
Sky light by FastHandPhoto
Strings by harleyquin
pylon by ismeghead
Lighting_1 by Lopez_01
Saturate by timjohnsonimagery
Northern Flicker by Maggie64
Sandakan Storm by williamsadler
3 Bolts by LouisaGiordanoPhotography
Artistic Challenge by Face-Of-The-Century
Self Portrait Playing guitar  by seaknight
Negative Charge by BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith
I Love Rock 'n' Roll! by Passionate
Electric V8 by Lovesphoto
Pelas ruas de Lisboa / The streets of Lisbon by Bnunes