Tall Eater    IMG_7448 by Neckbone
Prairie Dog  by Lorlee_Lee_Murray
Wolf eating by Rustybucket8472
Kingfisher by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
lemur eating by Rustybucket8472
Green Heron Eating by artiste9999
 Let the alien invasion begin by Bastetamon
Lunchtime!            SB1_4003 by Brenda13
Lunch Time by JADUPONT
Muskrat by ChelseaLaneCreations
Grey ghost eating mouse by panilsson
Sitting On His Tree Throne by BPLPhotography
Predator by likimedia
squirrel on the fir-tree by irinaphilippenko
I'm going to be  on ViewBug?!! by lianeadele
Mother sheep by LotusRadiante
_MG_3729 ... Squirrel by bobbytaylor71
Butterfly and Thistle by MaggieClaire
baby goat by ritafadams
Squirrel Fun by mnvikesfan
gourmet by lmr337
Donkey by keithviklund
Amazon Lava Lizard by mirkokianu
Dinner Time by Steveilad
The Swallowing by TheEconomist
Eating Lemur. by Lukekat
Gluttony by Basciano_Photography
Dinner time by tobywoodward
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo 2 by nosrac
Can I Have a Bite Please? - 2 by MaggieClaire