Tuftie by mjollnir
Blanca Brooke by alainalsoknownas
Lil Quacker by TcCamera
Good flight! by franzengels
Mandarin Duck by JayneBug
Nice weather For A Duck by Deejay10
Northern Pintail by DaveKommel
Dansing Cranes. by Lukekat
IMG_8865 by micHELL666
Nesting Ducky by rturnbow
DSC_0046 (2) by domtaylor
Sunset by edeldagfinrud
Mallard portrait by 6studio9
Lovely Lesser Whistling Duck by kengoh
Malard Duck by JoelDucharme
Mr and Mrs on their way by Suleef_Haneefa
The water princess by octavian_ct
walk in the park 5 by andrewsmith_5524
Photo  by Julia_137
DSC_7548 by domtaylor
The Race by patgriffin
Mandarin Duck by Creative_Intervention
Duck portrait by Nicolascrown
Drake Mallard in Flight by jeffswanson
Teal or Bandit by mcampi
duckin blue by MF-SoHo
Mandarin by IanStandivan
Wild Red Trillium by BrendaCrawford
DSC_9747 by domtaylor
Duck Dynasty by nina050
Nice day for ducks by ChrisHPhotos