Sun by maximilian_eheim
Backyard Flowers 28 Sunflower by thelearningcurve
Thin red line by Bastetamon
Relaxing drop by NickSW
Amazing splash by icemanphotos
Soap by feliciemilhit
44 by AlexanderGornikiewicz
drop in green by BonnieJM
Two droplets 2 by eelcovanroden
Strawberry splash by icemanphotos
The gentlest color of spring by Bastetamon
Pretty in pink by Pascale
october by BOLED
Romancing in the dark by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
Come on Back by Montethephotographer
A large spider web on the ground by tanjariedel
Crazy Diamonds by Bastetamon
A Drop on a Sea of Colour by EmmaMBateman
Drop by AlessandroDeLuca
Fallout by Bastetamon
drop of coolness by andreibarilo
Tulip under rain by Bastetamon
London Reality by lucascino
Two sides of the same coin by Bastetamon
Strawberry Flower #2 by BorisToronto
Drop by sciepko
Strawberry by marcoitaliani
Mushroom by feliciemilhit
Needleye by ajmphoto