Marigold in the sunshine.... by KristinaOers
Sunflower by tmtburke
Hummingbird by SparkofHawaii
Gibson ES336 by martaponari
Danaus plexippus by alanasisk
Cow by marcelbroek
kitten and bubble by suzymead
Chains by Roblindholm
Blue in the Face by carolcardillo
Parson's Chameleon by tmtburke
Magical Garden  by dvierno
Perception by shaunposton
The Moonlight Keepers by alexgreenshpun
like coming home by eyewandersfoto
In focus by hesperus
Going Away by joaocabral
Springer Spaniel soft edge by tmtburke
Mac by adavies
The peppercorn tree by wombatgirl51
Bee_TongueFramed by WAeagle
Astrantia Major "Moulin Rouge" in the sunshine by KristinaOers
Great Grey Owls by tmtburke
Growing Up by mjhousto
Relaxed by DavidintheForest
The Light Beyond the Grass by carolcardillo
Northern Chinese Leopard by tmtburke
Voightlander Vito III by mjhousto
B&W clam shell by garymintz
Porcelain Fungus 2 by sakevanpelt
Shilly-shally by rpclicks
Autumn Vestige II by IanDMcGregor