Birth & Dark. by emmawilson
Guten Tag! by dmytrokorol
Wisconsin Old Barn 11 by MsJudi
Wisconsin Weathered Red Barn by MsJudi
Wisconsin Barn Sunset by MsJudi
Old Dairy by mcampi
Wisconsin Farmland by MsJudi
Green Roof Barn by MsJudi
Dairy Queen Aficionado by florence
Red Barn in Wisconsin by MsJudi
Wisconsin Old Barn 12 by MsJudi
winter calm by Captzach
Got Milk? by Jenna_Lynn_Photography
Silos on the Horizon by MsJudi
Dairy Sunset by JGemplerPhotography
Red & White by ewill
Lummi Farm by DexHortonPhotography
Wee Heilan Coo by XsheilsX
Bovine Curiosity by erikdee
Dairy Cow by bopinklyon
Earrings And A Friend by thatunicorngal
Two portions of delicious caramel ice cream  by yuliiamazurkevych
Dairy Cow  by bopinklyon
Taking A Little Rest In the Afternoon by BPLPhotography
White milk goat by Michaelmeijer
Natural Dairy by DomCastro
Dairy Cows by JustAGuyAndHisCamera
Dairy barns by traceygodby
Moo one two and three by leonhugo
Wild Swiss Mountain cows, are we ever safe?? by rodpike
Dairy Cow Sticking Her Tongue Out In Reno, Nevada by renomike
Robt C English & Sons (Dairy Farm) by mihrt