Sunset over Chesterton Windmill by Vemsteroo
Lone Tree Below Steptoe Butte by RodSchwartz
One more time a round  by aaronjgroen
Lonsome tree by markkench
Morning Jog by Byronfairphotography
field love by Shootswithcoops
Fields of Yellow, Stars and Blue by Adam_Marshall
Like an old master by CPF_Photography
Praying for rain by SaraHadenfeldt
In the Line of Red by Vemsteroo
Sunset fields by tobyswannell
The Barley Field  Tree  by goldylookfleece
Kansas Sunflower Harvest by David_Blakley_Photography
Rustic View by jackclarke
!!! Lightning over the crops at Kalbar !!! by bobbyd-skidmore
Chesterton Flare by Vemsteroo
Stormy Weather by martijnvdnat
White'n'Gold by Jannba
Stupas and Lakes by Jannba
Blades of light by methariorn78
Every Dark Night Turns Into Day by phil1
The harvest by Dickiebird
Monsters in the Night by Vemsteroo
Dappled sunlight on the rapeseed field by CPF_Photography
Barn on the Hill by alanasisk
Beautiful Bounty  by dawnvandoorn
Indiana Sundown by KennethKeifer
Barley by EugeneBrennan
Shedding A Little Light by phil1
Philipsburg Manor by sallyG11
Live In The Moment by phil1
Field of Dreams by bromleychamberlain