Autumn by Tammy_Nash
Miner's Cottage by sallyG11
Green silence by hesperus
Looking back in time... by Merlot
Slow Down by dmytrokorol
Spring waters by dmytrokorol
Altnaharra  by jennycameron
Muskoka Living by stallone
Isolated Living by SURREALIMAGE
Balea Glacier Lake by Roberto_Sorin
B&W Paradise by Tammy_Nash
Midnight sun on Hamnoy by dmytrokorol
Lakeside Living by dannyboyfraser
Beyond the mist by Roberto_Sorin
Green roofs of Lustrafjorden by dmytrokorol
Glencoe sunset by chris_smith
Courtyard by tmtburke
Misty Morning by ivysinkunas
Right Where It Belongs  by aaronjgroen
Orange night in a harbour by dmytrokorol
Sunset over a country lake by Brakonier
A Basket of Fairy Dust by ntgreen
A lonely cottage in the misty forest by alekrivec
Looking at Anne Hattaway Cottage... Shakespeare period... by Merlot
Cotsworth Cottage by larrywelch
Lots of snow this year. by Maesel
Cottage View by michaelglascock
Bozi hora by Kivera
Serene Solitude by khalli
Goldmeyer Springs by jalinde
Broken Dreams by sagarag