Ancient columns by olgazakharova
Bir Hakeim Bridge by Rollier
Crowley Lake by michelestclairjames
Towers within by occasionalclimber
Gold Cathedral by NOSKOV
morning at the temple by ac_photo
Vatican columns by lisalantrip
Two Columns by ClaudiaKuhn
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re-enactment of Skirmish of gamble's Hotel at the Columns by Buck56
Dome by Psyche
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Olimpia by klapouch
Pompeii Ruins - Italy by Confalonieri
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Castle legends by katarzynaokrzesik
Lady by chris_smith
Columns In Monochrome by thatunicorngal
Plaza Blanca P by randalpair
Grand Entrance by AdirahsEyes
Rock Climber by Beno62
King Wenceslas on an Upside Down Horse, Of Course  by dvierno
Rock Soldiers by Bruz
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"Pillars of Progress" by GregFaster
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Svartifloss Falls, Skaftafell Park, Iceland by mfedun
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Around Mdina in white dress by antoniogirlando