Dahlia in a very special colour by martinkiener
Shepherd's delight by robynsygrove
Green-winged Teal by HigginsR
Lions Field by timpiche
Columbine by emacdonald
Carnival Dragon  by snowdon
Who's a Pretty Polly! by Foxyphotos
Parrot Fashion by chucknowmuch
Vanessa Atalanta in Search of Nectar by AnnuO
Quebec by roxyhack
The Feather and The Fiddlehead by LanceTrottier
Alley Artwork by chrisjohnking
Vegetable market in India....DSC_4312 by Brenda13
Autumn Fascination by JudyPowellPhotography
Eurasian Bullfinch by LeeBennett
Delicate beauty by Foxyphotos
Lighthouse Views by roxyhack
Nightscape by putrasia
Hummingbird by jamdrops
pheasant head by ismeghead
Flowers by RuwanFonseka
 Shower Time by peterfarmer
Lake Mood by LavanyaMahesh
Power Plant by thurstonphoto
Pencil Crayons by NicNee
Bullfinch by Jamie-MacArthur
Autumn wonderland by Enmarchphotography
the Rocks at the beach by Joerg
Cardinal (male) by suesharpe
pheasant by ismeghead