One eyed 23years old White Tailed Eagle by kjellkarlsson
Photo  by margaretthomas
 Nicobar Pigeon (Blue Feathers) by BLSFotografia
Capon Caper by GayleLucci
Owl on the look out by barbshenton
Barneveld Rooster by Joviaal
Keeping an Eye on Me by NanaSue54
Mr. Rooster by luispintoribeiro
Beak to Beak by etrodden
Under My Wing by fotografodigital
Are You My Mother? by lisaholloway
Consumerism by Majidart
Quack quack by trudyremaly
Cock-a-doodle-doo by mavishageman
Eye See You by dumbdrum
Photo  by RachelNiquette
Lord of the hen house by angeladignasbravin
The King by KyleBehrend
Street Art. by Lukekat
Family Portrait by FairleaCottage
Peek-A-Boo! by JGMorlan
Pileci paprikas, Serbian chicken stew by larrywelch
Psychedelic Chicken by MaggieClaire
Lace & Feathers by christinamia
Family by chastityriddlefox
Black and white chick by KaKiteTokuKanohi
Chicken Town by Corabelle
Cockadoodledoo!  by Sdonion
Eye by pegleg
Impress by micHELL666