Meanwhile in the kitchen of Castle La Bussière/France by helenehages
QUACK by robertarmstrong_2615
prey16 by andreaeptonward
received_1032441990294187 by trudyremaly
Bad hair day by Cbries
Coop by traceygodby
Got You Down by GigiJim08
Chicken.  by jes_photography
Sleeping Ducks. by Bruizaphoto
Bald Eagle by MichelleMizerka
kokkoroko16 by Pablo-Klik
Plymouth Rock Chicken by larrywelch
  The  Watcher by buzman
Little farm boy by Vlok
The Girls Laid Me Breakfast by hiyahercfarm
The Queen Hen by 831John
Young Chicks at the Market by rhamm
The pheasant makes itself delicious. by Lukekat
Sweet Sweet Connie by hiyahercfarm
Hen and Two Chicks by henridroski
Inspecting the Livestock by lisaholloway
Creamy Chicken, Mushroom Penne Pasta by chrisjohnking
Cockerel by johnadamson
Lunch Time by Bazz
Photo  by micHELL666
Head-shot of chicken in garden through fence by DamianHadjiyvanov
Orange Chicken by jes_photography
Barnvelder Hen by BPLPhotography
Austra White by Bazz